Friday, November 25, 2005

Mamma Mia, what a Thanksgiving!

Such a good day. We had a very nice family Thanksgiving, watching the parade in the morning and eating the feast around two o'clock. Everything went very smoothly since we had gotten so much prepped yesterday. We worked on our own family garland of things we are thankful for while the turkey finished cooking. Some of what E was thankful for: her sister, that Christmas is coming, her Smoochie Pup, pretty roses in the backyard, her cat, and her friends. Some of the things A was thankful for: animals and nature, great food from Mama, our tent, her cat, her Build a Bears, and helping Mama make the food for Thanksgiving. After we ate our meal, I was thinking of our friends who had not made it to eat with us. C gave them a call and they had just then gotten home from the hospital with the baby and were starving. We said we are bringing Thanksgiving to you, so we packed up the food and drove it over to them. We stayed just long enough to ooh and ahh over the new baby, hear a quick story of the birth, and wish them well. We left them to eat and rest and headed home to get ready for the show. A had a mini breakdown over what to wear. E and I were dressing up a bit, but she wanted to wear jeans. Granted she had a string of pearls to go with the jeans! They were in the laundry and I was being silly about just pulling them out for her to wear, since I had a notion in my head that she would care if she was not as fancy as the rest of us. When she started to cry and say, "I just want to wear jeans", I immediately went to the laundry basket and got them for her. What was I thinking?!? Anyway, we moved on and left for the show. It was fabulous! The girls really enjoyed it, even if most of the plot went over their heads. At the end, they shine the lights out into the audience and crank up the music, in hopes that you might get up and dance! Well, E was sitting in my lap up until that point, but she wanted to dance in the aisle. I was on the end, so I said go ahead. While she was dancing around in the aisle, the cast could see her since the lights were out on us and we were very close to the front. I was too busy watching E boogie, but C said some of the cast dancing up on stage were noticing E and pointing her out to each other! She is such a superstar! On the way home, A announced that her head was so full of the show and that it was the best show she ever saw. Needless to say we had a good day.

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