Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crazy Girls

Whew! The girls had a sleepover last night (which is why I did not blog) and their friend M stayed till 4pm today. We had a park day with the Lifelearners yesterday. It was a nice, sunny and brisk day and we had five families join us. The girls plotted to have M come home with us, her mom to pick her up later that evening. That was cool with me. They had a great time playing all afternoon, we ordered pizza, they turned on the disco ball and danced in their underpants to Madonna, and generally had a ball. Then came the question, can she sleep over? Ok, if your mom is ok. She was and even brought over a bunch of stuff for M, like her blanket and her special stuffed cat. They planned to stay up all night, but I had them quiet down and listen to the sleepytime stories the girls listen to every night and they were all out by 11:30. And then up much earlier than I thought they would be this morning! Oh well. We had pancakes for breakfast and they got down to some serious playing. I managed to clean up the dress up clothes and the guest room, a.k.a the dumping ground. We baked some sugar cookies this afternoon and then M's mom came and got her. Both girls are positively worn out! E keeps whining about how she wants to see M. And A is just in a fog. A good time was had by all. And all good things must come to an end. Like this blog entry. ;-b

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