Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Tale of Two Days

I skipped blogging last night and now I don't remember enough about yesterday to warrant it's own entry. This blogging every day thing has been a challenge. I want to write something interesting and memorable about each day, but I don't always have the energy to do that at the end of a day. And I don't always remember the good stuff if I wait for the next morning. So I end up recording what happened in the most rudimentary way which ends up sounding kind of boring and repetitious, especially if the kids are on a kick of, say, chess or playing with playdough. Ok, enough whining on my part. Now on to what happened the last two days.

Sunday was pretty slow, which is probably why there is not much to remember, but a few things stand out. C wanted to burn some paperwork, so he made a fire in the backyard firepit. We all had a nice time standing/sitting around the fire poking it and chatting. It was not even dark yet, but it was pretty darn cold, so the fire was quite useful. One other thing I wanted to mention was something that happened at bedtime. I was laying with the girls and they were trying to fall asleep when A asked me, out of the blue, "what does mediocre mean?" I told her it meant not very good or average and asked where she got that word from. She said, "I heard it on Spongebob. Plankton told Squidward he was a mediocre clarinet player". Gotta love them expanding their vocabulary from cartoons! Who would ever teach their almost seven year old the word mediocre? Well, mine knows it now and so does her sister. Go figure. Once again, life does a much better job of teaching my kids than I could ever hope to.

Today was looking to be a slow one until I remembered that I had library books due. I had one that could not be renewed, so we got our acts in gear and headed off to the library. They had the whole place decked out for Christmas, with about twenty trees decorated for a fundraiser/contest. The girls had a lot of fun going around to see all the different decorations. The trees were really quite spectacularly done. We got a few books, Christmas stories, and left to do some shopping. A is in need of some clothes that fit her and I had a few items to pick up, so we headed to Target. I give that store way too much of our money! Anyway, we were hungry so we got some soft pretzels and an Icee and ate our snack before we shopped. The girls fixated on some glass musical snowglobes, so we looked them all over until we found one we could all agree to. It has a carousel horse in it and I can't identify the song it plays, but it is pretty. We got A some jeans and PJs and shoes. E whined a bit over a pair of red glittered shoes, like Dorothy's, but I was not up for buying her more shoes. The kid is a mini Imelda Marcos! Anyway, I got her to let it go by offering to glue glitter to an old pair of shoes. So, when we got home, that is what I did! I had some pretty strong craft glue that I hope does the trick. And if not, oh well, cuz they were practically free and gave her great joy. We will see tomorrow how well the glue hold the glitter on.

C got home from work late tonight so the bedtime routine was thrown off. We were sitting at my computer playing with this awesome virtual snowflake maker I got from my friend when he got home at 9pm. The girls were so excited to show him all the cool stuff we got today and the snowflakes they were making. Try it out, it makes beautiful snowflakes and there are over 9 million of them in the gallery, no two alike!

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