Sunday, November 20, 2005

Family Fun

Today was a very nice family oriented day. It started with waffles for breakfast. After breakfast, the girls played with Daddy and I tackled the dishes. I wanted some music, so I put in our dvd of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. We had a lot of fun singing and dancing along to it. A commented on how nice it was that Sandra Dodd and family had gotten it for us last year as a thank you when they stayed with us for a few days. The girls watched while C and I installed dimmers on the kitchen and dining room lights. Then we had a few hours of quiet pursuits. Well, except for C, who watched a college football game. Football in the south is not a quiet pursuit, especially when your Alma Mater is playing! The girls made structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks. I did some work in my office on group business. In the afternoon, we headed out for a trip to the outdoor store to look for a new tent for camping. We had a nice time exploring the store, which has amazing stuffed animals and big tanks of fish that are native to the state. There was a guy casting into the tank with different types of fishing lures and it was fun to watch the fish react to the lures. No hooks, so they just spit out the lure. We found a good big tent and got it. They have a climbing wall in the store and both girls were debating whether to give it a try. They decided next time, but had fun watching a young boy climb the wall. We went out to eat dinner after the store at a new Outback that opened nearby. It was early, so we got right in and had a very nice meal. The girls had fun coloring in the little books they gave them and were just pleasant company all around. We were right by the outlet mall, so we popped in after dinner to do some clothing shopping for A, who is growing out of everything she owns! The girls rode the carousel, too. We went by a place that pierces ears and I had them show A the tool they use to put the earrings in. She is eager to get her ears pierced, but choose not to do it tonight. She said seeing the way it is done made her feel more ready for it. Then we headed home. It was a very nice family day overall.

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