Saturday, November 19, 2005

Walk like an Egyptian

We met with our group today for the Egypt Exploraganza. It was only us and two other families and the kids were more into playing than doing anything else, so very little in the way of exploring Egypt was done. I had brought our mummy from Halloween, because one of the boys wanted to make a sarcophagus. That we did do, making the sarcophagus out of cardboard boxes, but ran out of time to decorate it. We are going to try to do that on Tuesday when we meet again. Other than that we had a very nice time playing and being together. After one of the familes left and it was down to us and the host family, the kids had a fun time playing Harry Potter. We ended up staying until almost 8pm.

A had a hard time dealing with the fact that the Goblet of Fire came out today, but we are waiting until her Birthday to go see it. The excitement was palpable! We did Tivo a "making of" show that was on last night and watched it this morning before we left to meet with the group. It made it hard for me to wait! It looks so good.

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