Sunday, November 20, 2005

Soothing Sunday

We set up our new tent in the backyard to try it out today. We never did camp out there, but we might go somewhere next weekend. Anyway, the tent is a great step up from the one we have, with two rooms. The girls played out in it for a long time. We happened to have the tv on and on the right channel when the latest Avatar came on so we sat and watched it as a family. I thought it had been recorded on Tivo, but for some reason it did not record, so I was very happy to catch it today. The girls each had a turn on the computer playing Zoo Tycoon and Scooby Do, A on the former and E on the later. I talked to my dad on the phone and while I was on, C and the girls were playing games in the tent. E was having a hard time sharing Daddy, so A left with me to go grocery shopping. I told her we were going to get what we needed for Thanksgiving and she asked if she could help. We had a nice time picking out what we needed. When we got home, after dinner, the girls and I played with my beads, making jewelry for various animals and themselves. Another nice day.

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