Monday, November 07, 2005


This morning, A and I had fun exploring the Boggle game I got the other day. She feels it is too hard for her, but she enjoyed shaking up the dice and seeing how many words I could find. I got out her Bob Books (a very easy early reader set) to see if she wanted to read them to me. She did, but not enthusiastically, so I let her lead the way. She was quite proud of how easily she read the first four. We have never really gone past that, so when she looked at the next one, she declared herself done. I guess I got them out, hoping to show her how far she has come with her reading, but I hope I did not discourage her by the fact that she still can't read them all. It must be hard to feel you are doing so well, only to be shown how much further you need to go. I'll have to keep that in mind from now on.

The girls wanted to go to the park again, so while I got ready to go do some shopping, C took them. I am trying to get a good head start on Christmas this year and I am doing great so far. I found some more Ello on clearance at ToysRUs, 8 bucks each, so I got one for each girl (a fairy one for E and a jungle animal one for A). I also found the magic set I saw online at Amazon, so A's birthday is covered as well and I saved shipping costs. I got a bunch more geomag sets for the girls, for stockings probably since I can take them out of the boxes. Maybe I will wrap individual tetrahedrons. Or make a big structure with all the sets combined for them to come down to Christmas morning. Can you tell I am enjoying this?

When I got home, E wanted to do a magic show for me and a music show. She played the keyboard and sang, then she got "on stage" and did "magic" for me. She is amazing. Not that she can really do this stuff well, but in that she believes she is a superstar, no matter what she undertakes. She will be one for real someday if she wants to be. A wanted to record herself singing on the karaoke machine, so we did that. She kept being interrupted by E saying she could not hear Scooby Do over A's singing, but that did not get onto the recording. It sounds very sweet to me, even if A wants to tape over it.

We watched three episodes of Avatar together as a family, two the girls and I had seen, and one that was new to us all. Then A and I finished reading HP. We are ready for the movie! A wants to get right down to reading book five tomorrow, and who am I to say no?

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