Friday, November 18, 2005


A and I watched two more episodes of Mindfreak today. She handled it much better and we enjoyed freaking out together over some of the stuff he did. She would not watch a part that involved razor blades in his mouth, but when it was through and I told her there was no blood (even though there should have been!!!) and what he had done, she wanted to rewind it and watch. I am eager to get to her birthday, so I can see how she reacts to the magic kit I got her. I know this magic will pale in comparison to what Cris Angel does, but I hope it satisfies her need right now.

We spent the day quietly. Even I did not get too involved in anything. I did get out the new chocolate melter thing I got to test it out for making candies for Christmas gifts. I could not get the chocolate in temper, but it was probably due to the chunk of chocolate having bloomed already. I will have to test it with a good new bar of chocolate, which I do have on hand, but the girls enjoyed being my testers. There was a lot of Neopets happening today. A even went and bought food for her pets while I was in the shower. She did not bargain, merely copying the amount asked, but still! All by herself! She has gotten into playing some of the games to earn neopoints as well. E played with the dollhouse for quite a while, having me help her make a christmas tree for the dolls. This afternoon they wanted to watch the netflix movie we had, Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams. I had read reviews that praised it highly and one that emphatically said it was not a kids movie. We put it in and A, at least, enjoyed it very much. It was slow for her, but she really got the sweet message. I enjoy Robin Williams more when he is not being TOO much, if you know what I mean. Even C, who came home in the middle of the movie, enjoyed it.

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