Wednesday, November 23, 2005

We're very, very busy

So much to do for tomorrow got done today. The girls helped with the food preparation for quite a while this morning, but got tired of it and went to play independently. I forged ahead, trying to get as much done in advance as I could. We may or may not have guests for our feast tomorrow. Friends just had their first baby yesterday and we had invited them to a no stress/no work/no pressure meal with us, but I told them to wait and see how they felt and we would be happy to have them over, or even bring by some food. We are planning to eat a late lunch meal because we are the lucky recipients of four tickets to the Mamma Mia musical here in town. C's boss won them and since they were for Thanksgiving night and he was going to be out of town, he offered them to us. At first we thought it was only two tickets, but it turned out he had four, so they whole family can go! I'm excited! We looked at the seating chart online for the theater and it looks like we have good seats in the $100 a ticket section. Can't beat seeing a great musical, that would have cost us over $400, for FREE. Yippee!

The girls are upstairs watching Iron Will with Daddy. It is a story about a boy who runs a dogsled race across Alaska or somewhere and I am missing it so that I can write this and get the dishes done to start with a clean slate in the morning.

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