Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Small Things

Today, like most days, was made up of small things, little moments that add up to a whole. I focused on getting ready for Thanksgiving by cleaning the house and setting the dining room table. A was very interested in helping with that. While we worked on the table, E was happily clearing out her clutter in the family room. She even cleaned off the coffee table, which usually ends up a dumping ground for odds and ends. I was walking to the craft room with the bucket of crayons and just as I was about to set them on the table, one hand let go of the bucket and crayons spilled all over the floor. I grumbled, "Darnit!" and the girls came running to see what had happened, with concerned cries of "What happened, Mama?" Before I even had a chance to answer, they saw the mess and immediately got down to help me clean it up. I thanked them and off they ran back to what they were doing when I made all the racket and mess. It was such a simple thing, a small thing, but at the same time a huge sign that I must be doing something right!

The tent is still up in the backyard and the girls played out in it quite a bit today. At one point, I heard E calling for me from the tent, so I went out to see what was up. She was laying on the floor of the tent with a pillow under her head and a blanket on her. She wanted me to come in and pretend to camp with her. I was busy with something in the house and it was cold and I did not want to stay outside and told her as much. She started to whine so I squatted down by the door of the tent and poked my head in and made a funny face. I spoke to her in a goofy voice, saying what I don't remember, but it made her laugh. I kept up the game until she declared herself cold and came in the house, willingly letting me off the hook. Again, a small thing for me to do, but what a huge impact on how the day moved forward from that moment on.

After C got home and we had dinner, the girls wanted him to wrestle on the bed, so up they went. I asked him to get them in a bath and to be sure E washed her hair, since I swear it has been a week since she last washed it. I heard them playing and then after a while, I heard E exclaiming she did not want to wash her hair or get a bath or even a shower. I finished up what I was doing and went upstairs and offered to get a bath with E. She jumped at the chance. We had a nice lavender scented bath with the candles lit. A was a bit jealous and refused to go play with Daddy. I really did not want to compromise my chances of gently washing E's hair, so I tried to get C to take care of A. He tried, but she choose to sit on the floor of the bedroom and glare at us in the bathtub! I don't know quite how it happened, but she ended up in the bathroom next to the tub and we all played a silly game of talking fingers, giggling like idiots. And E's hair got washed! After we got out of the water, they wanted to brush my hair and put lotion on me. That was nice! I am proud of how I managed to pull off so many little saves today. Small things to make myself do, but big results. If only every day went so smoothly...

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