Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Party

We had a Thanksgiving party with the Life Learners today. It originally was to be focused on crafts and activities, but food crept into the plans, too, so we had a mini Thanksgiving potluck feast. There were seven families joining us at our friends house. The kids did a craft were they made a turkey out of various cookies and candies that was very cute, not to mention yummy. The girls saved theirs to bring home to show Daddy, then they shared them with him. I had brought some construction paper leaves for everyone to write what they were thankful for on and hang them on a garland, but we did not do that one. Well, E had me write her stuff on two leaves and we brought them home to make our own family garland for Thursday. She was not having the greatest time because her friend was playing with the whole group of kids and she wanted her to play with just her. I tried to tell her that was not a reasonable expectation for a group event, but she did not want to hear that. I took her out to where the kids were playing until she had integrated into their game of animals and she was happy to stay and play. The moms were having very interesting and exciting conversations and the kids were playing together so well, it was a great day.

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