Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Bold and the Brave

Look at the pictures below and tell me what is different about my girls:

See it yet?

Yep! They got their ears pierced! Both girls have wanted to have it done for a while, but A was too scared of the pain to agree to just go do it. E was getting impatient with me and her sister and last Thursday asked once more to go get her ears pierced. We had already been by the place in the mall where they could get it done, met the girl who works there, had her show them the gun and picked out which earrings they would get. A was still apprehensive but decided she was going to do it. I told her that she was brave to face her fears. E wanted to be awarded the label of brave as well, but I told her she was not brave because there was no fear in her. She was bold. She liked that. So, the next day, off to the mall we went.

E wanted to go first and A wanted her to go first. There was only one person working, so they could not do the both-at-the-same-time method of piercing, which A had in her mind was the way to go. E was not deterred by the change in plans, but A was hesitant. She finally decided to watch E get it done and see how she felt after. E hopped right up in the chair and barely flinched as the girl pierced first one and then the other ear. She was beyond excited to see her reflection in the mirror held up for her. The lollipop offered to her afterwards was icing on the cake as far as she was concerned. She said it only hurt a little bit, her face all aglow with pride and joy.

I turned to A to see how she was and she immediately buried her head in my chest and clutched at my body, tears welling in her eyes. I asked her if she was ready and knew the answer as I asked. NO. Ok, do you want to go home? No. Do you want to stay? Nod of the head. Allright-y then. We stayed and walked around looking at the jewelry while A mustered up her courage. I knew the tears on the way home with no earrings would be much worse than the tears threatening to spill in that moment, so we waited it out. Finally, she was ready...ish. The girl working there was great! She told A she could sit in my lap and offered her a lollipop before the piercing. So, in my lap with a lollipop in her mouth, holding both my hands and her breath, A's first ear was pierced. She jumped slightly and said "Ow!" And then she cried tears of joy that she had done it. It took her a moment to be ready for the next ear, but she did it! Oh the joy!!

I was one proud Mama walking out of that mall with my girls, one bold and one brave.

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Stephanie said...

Woohoo! Go A and E!