Friday, June 23, 2006

Super Solstice

Wednesday, we had a great start to summer. Under the stars, at the base of the mountains, with a picnic on a blanket, accompanied by good friends, we watched a musical, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It was a lovely end to a very hot day. As we ate our picnic dinner, pairs of dragonfly lovers flew above our heads. At dusk, the bats came out for an aerial show, which competed with the musical for the kids attention. One quiet scene of the musical was interrupted by the braying of a wild burro. I swear the cast members paused to listen. We spotted two satellites cruising across the heavens. Oh, and the production was great! It was a magical night.

Only as I was driving us home at 10:30pm did I remember I still have to pack and plan for our road trip! I am way behind the power curve. The eleventh hour is my friend, I guess. A friend watched the girls so I could get my massage today. They had a blast playing with their friends and I had a much needed physical/mental/spiritual re-centering. I am going to need it!

Good news came my way. C is going to be able to join us for half of the road trip to Kansas! He is going to meet us in Kansas and drive back with us. He was very bummed by us being able to explore Steamboat Springs without him, so this is perfect. I will enjoy the company on the return trip, which is never as exciting as the trip there. And we will be together as a family for a whole week! Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

yay! good news indeed! enjoyed the details of your solstice evening, too.