Sunday, June 25, 2006

We're Off!

Last minute preparations are under way for our roadtrip. We head out tomorrow morning, as early as I can possibly muster. It will be our longest day of driving, so we want to get a good start. Besides, if I am not johnny on the spot in the morning, I will have two impatient little girls sitting by the door begging me to GO. I just wanted to pop in and say that I have no idea if I will get to blog or not while we are gone, but I will try. And I am sure I will have much to say about our adventures when we get back. See you in two weeks!
A few pictures:

E surfing at a friend's pool

I can NOT look at this without hurting my head. Such talents my child has.


Annette said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

P@ said...

See you when you get back.

And that picture is so awesomely wacky.