Friday, June 30, 2006

We're Here!

Just a quick note to say we are having a great time here in Kansas with our unschooling buddies. We made the drive out here safe and sound. It went well if you do not count me losing my credit card at a gas station in Colorado! A did not like the eastern half of Colorado, west half of Kansas. She said there were more cows than trees and she was right!

We have had a lot of wildlife siteings, a skunk, a raccoon, bunnies, all kinds of birds, and a cool spider on a web catching the bugs flying around the porch light. We went to the zoo today and had a very nice, if hot and tiring, time. I got lots of pictures and will be posting them when we get home. Tomorrow, we are going to a cool place where they make marbles. Sunday, my sweet husband joins us here and Monday, we head to Colorado.

See you when we get home!

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Crystal said...

Hi Miranda! Great website. I love the concept of "unschooling", and your daughters are lovely. I have two daughters, too, and love watching them grow. Angelle's birthday is today (July 4th) and she is 7. KD is 2. Please come visit my blog as some of it is about parenting without fear, and some is about spirituality and manifestation. It is I will continue to visit your blog as well as I think it is great! Blessings. Crystal