Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wake Up Wednesday

It's time to wake up!

I am starting a new venture here with what I call Wake Up Wednesdays. Every Wednesday there will be a blog post about vitally important issues that the people of this world need to wake up about. This week we are starting with climate change. I don't mean what you get regaled with on the nightly news or the Weather channel. I mean the hard core science and analysis provided by those not afraid to speak the scary and important Truth.

The quote below can be found here:

In a paper titled "Climate Change and Trace Gases" published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society earlier this year, six of America's leading climate scientists, led by James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, warned that the Earth is rapidly approaching a "tipping point" beyond which climate change will become unstoppable ( The authors discussed feedback mechanisms not included in the assessments of the IPCC and argued that unless effective measures are put in place to control CO2 emissions over the next ten years, the rise in the Earth's temperature could set loose self-reinforcing processes that would be beyond human control.

Some critics said Hansen was overstating his case. Richard Peltier, a University of Toronto physicist and the director of the Centre for Global Change Science, criticized the tone of the paper and the use of words such as "cataclysm," saying that Hansen had moved "dangerously away from scientific discourse to advocacy" (

But this was before the summer Arctic ice melt of 2007.

Please go read the rest of the article. It is time to get yourself informed about the state of the world and start doing what is needed. Speaking of taking action, on Sundays I will be posting about what we as a family have started to do to bring us closer to a sustainable way of life. I realized that most people who find out what I am doing are interested in knowing more about it. So, I will be going into detail about our efforts to show you how you can begin to make changes as well.

I welcome any and all feedback, and look forward to the discussion.

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Flo said...

You know I'm not a morning person ;)

I read this (as well as I could with the chillen's background noise) and whew! What a task we have ahead of us.

Looking forward to your Weds of info and your Sundays of motivation. You're my little googlebot!